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G3 Digitized Coverslip Coating 


neuVitro invites you to enjoy the amazing  quality of your cell culture using our G3, the third generation digitized coverslip coating technology.


Featured Biokeystone expertise

Professional coverslip coating with poly-L-lysine for guiding neurite outgrowth


Dark green: Coated with poly-L-lysine for neuron body attachment

Light green tracks: Coated with identical poly-L-lysine for axon guidance

Insert red: Neurite growth guided by poly-L-lysine tracks in low density culture




The Bio-Coating Expert

for cell culture & imaging


Rectangular German glass coverslip

Primary culture tested, starting $12/box


Round German glass coverslip

Primary culture tested, starting $36/box


Pre-treated German glass coverslip

Advanced treatment of German glass coverslip, sterile, ready to coat your own substance, starting $83/box


Poly-D-lysine coated coverslip

Professional bio-coating techniques, primary cell culture tested, sterile, ready to use for cell tissue cultures, starting $99.50/box


Collagen coated coverslip

Professional bio-coating with rat tail type I collagen, primary cell culture tested, sterile, ready to use for tissue culture, starting $109.50/box




  Cell culture techniques


Generating robust accelerated neuron cultures easily. Especially powerful for primary cell culture. Poly-D-lysine coated, optically clear, sterile, ready to use...